• HELLO! Venice

    HELLO! Venice

    Hello! Venice from Rudy Wilms on Vimeo. This is the first video of the new series HELLO! Videos with snapshots of beautiful places we visit.HELLO! VENICE is all filmed at Venice Florida and is showing the highlights of this beautiful city on the gulf.Enjoy watching…. Licensed Music by the Music Bed. Song: Forgotten Artist: Michael Cameneti

  • The White Veil

    The White Veil

    The White Veil from Rudy Wilms on Vimeo. This time lapse video is made by Veerle of our vacation at the Smokies last September hope you enjoy…

  • Smoky Mountains Untouched

    Smoky Mountains Untouched

    Smoky Mountains Untouched We knew last year after we ended our vacation at the smokies that we had to come back, now a year later we were super exited to drive back. The cabin we rented last year was occupied so we found another one, on top of the mountain it said…they forgot to mention the wild off road with [...]

  • Sony PMW-F3 S-Log vs Graded Video Comparison

    Sony PMW-F3 S-Log vs Graded Video Comparison

    I did this to test out the Sony PMW-F3 S-Log with hyperdeck Shuttle 2 uncompressed

  • Lake Louisa Fragments

    Lake Louisa Fragments

    This nature film "Lake Louisa Fragments" has been filmed over several months we are very fortunate to live closeby this state park and enjoyed making this film.Used the Sony F3 with the motion controlled Kessler Cineslider. rudywilms.com

  • Silent Mist

    Silent Mist

    This is my wife Veerle her first time-lapse movie that she captured when we were on vacation in the Smoky Mountains. She said she learned a lot already and enjoyed making this “Silent Mist” time-lapse movie but is eager to learn much more about shooting time-lapses and is already working on a next time-lapse movie.She gave it a HDR tone [...]

  • Smoky Mountain Scenes

    Smoky Mountain Scenes

    It has been a while ago that we did a nature short film for our self, couple weeks ago we packed up all the video gear… the car was a little overloaded our almost 14 year old Jack Russell all packed and ready to go. After 562 miles 81/2 hours we arrived at our destination Franklin North Carolina in the [...]



    "Forgotten" On September 10,1960 Hurricane Donna hit Florida with destructive winds causing extensive damage.

  • Water drop test

    Water drop test

    Quick slow motion test in twixtor I am going to try again with some lights. Shot with Sony F3 Nikon 35m F1.4.The color burn on the last drop I put on on purpose just to add something extra.

  • Unboxing Sony PMW-F3

    Unboxing Sony PMW-F3

    Here is an Unboxing film of the Sony PMW-F3 with MTF Nikon adapter and the Switronix Power Kit for Sony F3 Camera .