BMX 1000fps

Posted by Rudy Wilms

I made this video as preparation for upcoming FMX commercial movie for SOUTHERN FMX llc. ( ) It was to test out super slow motion at 1000fps and 2000fps.Just took my camcorder stepped outside and rang the doorbell of my neighbor Victor and shot some BMX moves went inside edited and it came out fairly good I didn’t really had time to fine tune but still had a good time.

BMX Rider: Victor Stanger
Filmed & Edited by Rudyan Veerle Wilms
 ( )
Music: “Closer” by Niklas Aman


  • Rudy,
    Your new website looks Great! The views are still going up on our test video so I think its almost time to begin our next project. Just have to wait till my wrist gets better and then the sky is the limit! Take care, Victor

  • It’s incredible the capacity of slow motion of your video camera,beautiful shots.
    Honestly it is a amazing video!!!