New Secrets Revealed

Posted by Rudy Wilms

This video is shot for the second time in our lovely backyard in Venice Florida.This time we named the video New Secrets Revealed because there are so many new things we discover every time we are sitting there.
Also it is a good way to see the difference between the Letus Ultimate and Letus Extreme.
Our Secret Garden was shot with the Letus Extreme now the New Secrets I shot with the Letus Ultimate and it gave me much more possibilities.
I shot it with the Sony Ex with combo Letus Ultimate in 24p some are overcranked as for lenses I used the Nikon prime lenses.
The dolly movements are done with my new Kessler Cineslider. For the time lapses I used my Canon 40D with polarization filter.

Filmed & Edited by Rudy and Veerle Wilms
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  • If I have to rate this video from 1 to 10 would give it a 10+.
    The experience of getting closer to the Earth’s beautiful nature is incredible.
    Congratulations for this amazing video and your beautiful home at Venice,Florida!!!